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Vasp Infotech is a pioneer distributor of tech-enabled surveillance,automation and communication solutions. We have been leveraging the power of the digital world since 2005 to deliver solutions that can make living safer, simpler and easier, and we aim towards facilitating the same in future.


We offer the widest range of surveillance tools, tracking devices, automation and IoT solutions, and storage tools at the best prices to a diverse customer base after procuring the same from verified brands.

  • CCTV
  • GPS
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Access Control
  • Automation
  • Public Address System
  • EPBX
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Storage
  • Display Unit


Today, when burglaries continue to occur on a regular basis and crime is on the rise, the need for a modern surveillance system cannot be overstated. Beyond break-ins, customers can also commit thefts that can be costly to your business. This is why a CCTV camera is a necessary tool that can be used to help keep your property secure, as well as protect the safety of both your employees and your business. By installing it, you will boost safety, reduce crime rates, and prevent smash-and-grab thief attacks. Having the ability to track the progress of the day-to-day operations and keep employees in check is one of the main advantages it offers to users.

A leading distributor of closed-circuit television systems, Vasp distributes technology-enabled systems that ensure robust safety and provide smart monitoring through recording and visual inspection.


We have joined hands with the following leading CCTV brands to ensure the best quality products reach the end-user:


CP Plus: Vasp has the largest authorized distributorship in eastern India for CP Plus, an advanced and customized security solution provider.  


Dahua: Dahua is an innovative IoT-enabled video surveillance solutions provider with over 30 years of experience. As the exclusive distributors of Dahua products in eastern India, we serve as an important partner.


Hikvision: We are the official Indian distributor of Hikvision, which specializes in video surveillance and IoT.


In addition to providing satellite tracking services, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is also useful for businesses and individuals. GPS is a powerful tool that can help businesses win the competitive edge. GPRS tracking systems are an integral part of the day-to-day business operations of many companies in the transport and logistics industries.


 Additionally, distributors, delivery service providers, construction companies, manufacturers, car dealers, transportation service providers, healthcare professionals, and supply chain management providers can rely on GPS tracking to manage mobile employees, secure assets, and track fleets.


As a leading distributor of real-time tracking services, Vasp utilises the Global Positioning System capabilities of its sister company TraxSmart whose tracking solutions can help you keep track of your assets and easily monitor them.

Solid Waste Management

An annual report by the Planning Commission reveals that urban Indians produce 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW). Furthermore, it is expected to grow to 165 million tonnes by 2030. While many developed countries see substantially greater collection efficiency, India’s is around 70 percent presently. So it becomes increasingly important to recognize blind spots during the collection and transportation of waste in order to increase efficiency.


As a leading distributor of smart waste management tools, Vasp uses the next-generation GPS technology of TraxSmart in smart city projects to guarantee cleanliness and safe waste disposal.

Access Control and Attendance Management

We live in a constantly changing world, and organizations need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. The multinational nature of today’s workforce and the diversity of its members make it difficult for employers to manage time, cost and productivity. Other challenges include travel, working from home, flexible schedules, and overtime management. In spite of the revolution in technology, many business owners fail to integrate a critical component of their business model: access control and attendance management systems.

VASP is one of the top dealers and distributors of biometrics-enabled, advanced entrance security products that can protect as well as manage access, reduce security breaches, manage attendance and generate the right reports and insights.

Access and attendance management tools from these leading brands are provided by us:

Secureye: In the security product market, Secureye ranks among the leading companies. Vasp is a leading authorised partner of Secure-eye in India.

eSSL: eSSL was established in 2002 and has led the field of biometrics and access control in various sectors in India. Our company is a leading distributor in eastern India of their next-generation solutions.

CP Plus: CP Plus is a leading provider of an advanced and customised range of access and attendance management solutions. Vasp has the largest authorized distributorship in eastern India for CP Plus.

Dahua: Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. provides smart, video-based smart IoT systems for access control and attendance management. As the exclusive distributors of Dahua products in eastern India, we serve as an important partner.  

HIKVISION: HIKVISION provides IoT solutions to manage access and attendance throughout the world. We are Hikvision’s official Indian distributor.

Real-time: A pioneer in the attendance and access management sector, Realtime integrates software products that help manage attendance and access. Vasp is among the top Real-time distributors in eastern India.


By automating your processes, you can become more effective and efficient, enabling you to spend more of your time creating real value. When you automate the routine, mundane, or error-prone parts of your job, you let yourself focus on what you want to fix, improve, and upgrade.


Upgrade your lifestyle with home automation smart devices from world-leading brands that can reduce the time and effort you spend on completing your chores. We deal in products from the following brands to deliver the best automation services:


Public Address System

Using public address (PA) speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and switching matrixes, a PA system broadcasts alarms and provides voice paging to multiple or single areas of a building. Zones or areas within the facility can be designated to receive voice and alarm notifications using an audio system that can provide the residents of a large facility with notifications, announcements, alarms, etc.

We deal in the products of the following brands:


Bosch: The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of innovative solutions for public address. VASP is one of the top Bosch distributors in eastern India.


Ahuja: Ahuja is one of India’s leading and trusted manufacturers & exporters of public address equipment. Their eastern Indian supply chain counts on us as a key partner.


An EPABX system is a great business solution for enhancing internal communications in the office. By using the same phone line as an extension, it provides a business phone system that enables interoffice calls to be switched among staff on different extensions. Through the distribution of Electronic Private Branch Automatic Exchange devices from the following leading brands, Vasp ensures seamless communications at workplaces and residential complexes:


Matrix: Matrix IP PBX offers seamless collaboration, messaging, and mobility features for up to 2000 UC users. In eastern India, we are their official distributors.


Grandstream: Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified and easy to manage communication systems. Vasp is a major distributor of Grandstream products in eastern India.


Crystal: Crystal has been a leading manufacturer of excellent telecommunication products for three decades. Vasp is the eastern India distributor for them.

Networking and Connectivity

A network device is a device that is connected to another via the wiring of a network, i.e. a computer, printer, media server, VoIP phone, etc. Ideally, these devices should have adequate bandwidth and stable connections, and it would be ideal to have redundant connections in case of failure or breakage of one device.

Vasp allows easy connection of computers by distributing common communication protocols and next-age networking devices and equipment of the following brands:

Tenda: Founded in 1999, Tenda is a recognized leading supplier of networking devices and equipment. Vasp is one of the largest distributors of Tenda products in eastern India.

D-Link: D-Link can make your home smarter, safer, and truly seamless with their award-winning smart home technology, whole-home Wi-Fi, and more. Vasp is one of the top distributors of Dlink products in eastern India.

Cofe: Cofe is one of the leading brands that provides state-of-the-art innovation and high-speed network devices. We distribute Cofe’s trending products all over India.

Digisol: Digisol provides future ready technology solutions to meet your networking and connectivity needs. We distribute their products throughout India.


CCTV systems record video on surveillance drives as part of their 24/7 security monitoring. In most cases, they utilize a network video recorder (NVR). In contrast with PCs, these drives have to write data all the time — specifically, video data.


Vasp distributes the best in class surveillance hard drives from leading brands in sizes 1 TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB and 10 TB to securely save every footage and image. These devices provide good storage capacity and leave no scope for data loss or leakage.


We deal in the products of the following brands:


Seagate: Seagate enables storage of more data and harnesses its potential using cloud storage services, systems, hard drives, and more. Seagate’s secure and reliable storage products are distributed by Vasp in India.


Toshiba: Toshiba is one of the leading producers of data storage devices using its expertise in end-to-end data storage systems. Toshiba’s storage devices are distributed throughout India by us.

Display Unit

In display devices, images are displayed in visual or tactile form (such as in tactile electronic displays for blind people). Usually, electronic displays employ electrical signals as the input information.


Vasp distributes the widest range of display units that deliver unmatched excellence in terms of connectivity, resolution, and efficiency from the following leading brands:


LG: Korean multinational electronics company LG Electronics Inc. is based in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. In 2014, LG Electronics’ global sales reached US$55.91 billion and was part of the fourth-largest chaebol in South Korea. Vasp is a renowned distributor of LG’s display units in eastern India.


Secure Eye: Secureye is one of the leading display unit providers in the market. Our company is the authorized distributor for them in India.


AOC: AOC offers high-quality, reliable, user-friendly and innovative computer monitors to various high-profile dealers. We are among their leading distributors in India


Panasonic: Panasonic is known for providing display units that are of high quality. They distribute their products through Vasp in eastern India.


Products We Distribute

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Vasp's network cameras are digital video cameras that make use of the internet to send and receive image data via the IP network.

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Vasp's Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras or the PTZ cameras are robotic camera systems that can be remotely controlled 

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These resilient cameras from Vasp are perfect for hazardous and extreme environments like chemical and water industries. 

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Vasp's Network Video Recorders can record and store footages in a digital format directly from the network it works on.

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Vasp's Polaroid Cube Cameras combine wide angle lens with a powerful battery. These cameras can also provide a full HD playback 

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Why Choose Vasp?

We bring security to your fingertips

We at Vasp offer nothing but customized solutions to all of our clients and provide a premium experience coupled with outstanding standards and expertise through our partnership with high-end service providers and approved vendors.

  • Our Vendor Base
  • Our Vision
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Our Vendor Base

With collaborations with the most prominent manufacturers of surveillance and networking products like Hikvision, Seagate, CP Plus, Dahua, we provide the very best products to our customers. Our vendors are only selected after a thorough analysis of industry experience, past records, economic position, market reputation, timeliness, and quality assurance.

Our Vision

With the power of technology, we strive to provide the much needed surveillance solutions of the highest quality to people from every stratum and category of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transition from being one of the first technology-led solutions providers in eastern India into a leading distributor of digital surveillance and IT solutions in the country.

Value Added Services

We together with our team of skilled and dedicated workforce work closely to deliver the best possible experience within the assured timeframe using our dedication, innovative ideas, reliability, values, and integrity. We extend every possible effort to facilitate the following:

  • Technical support
  • On-site support
  • Design support
  • Consultation services
  • Credit purchasing


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