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Oil and Gas

Most oil and gas sites are remote and inaccessible, and their assets are located in multiple locations. A proactive approach to security is vital in such challenging locations. Oil and gas environments are among the most hazardous jobs, whether they are refineries, plants, pipelines or mobile platforms. A number of factors make safety and security challenging and essential, including extreme temperatures, remote locations, inadequate lighting, hazardous technical processes, and a large number of employees.


  • Organized crime, piracy, terrorism, vandalism, and civil unrest
  • Lack of compliance with safety protocols
  • Inadequate monitoring of processes
  • Invasion of property by unauthorized individuals
  • Absence of monitoring offsite
  • Violations of safety and security
  • Operations are inefficiently managed on a daily basis
  • Multi-system integration into a single platform


  • Full-HD panoramic cameras with high-resolution (up to 4K)
  • Artificial Intelligence cameras for monitoring unauthorized activities
  • Cameras that can withstand explosions in sensitive areas
  • Thermographic surveillance in hazardous areas
  • Outdoor cameras with an IP67 (weatherproof) and an IK10 (vandal proof) rating
  • A mobile DVR/NVR solution that integrates with an alarm system for fuel tanks
  • Body cameras for site patrollers
  • Authorization system for staff and workers
  • Entry and exit points can be operated with ANPR to capture vehicle numbers
  • Integrated video management system that allows centralized monitoring and playback
  • System for monitoring health to ensure smooth surveillance

Our Offerings

2 MP Full HD WDR IP IR Bullet Camera - 50 Mtr. for Main Entrance

  • 60 fps Full HD for capturing fast-moving objects.
  • A real WDR/HLC that balances different light sources and provides a more detailed image
  • Infrared range of 50 meters for better night vision
  • An option to control the camera’s field of view (FoV) using a motorized zoom lens
  • Support for redundant recording on SD cards
  • Boom barriers can be integrated with alarm I/O
  • With H.265 support, a huge amount of storage and bandwidth can be saved

Thermal Camera for Pipleines

  • Darkness does not obstruct vision
  • Detection of temperatures without touching, notification of an alarm before loss takes place
  • Cameras with higher analytics accuracy than visible cameras for IVS
  • Long-range detection of fire, time-sensitive alarm for overheating
  • Detection of a leaky pipeline involving gas/oil
  • Analyzing power dissipation and overheating
  • Thermoelectric and hybrid (thermoelectric + optical) cameras.

High Resolution Camera with ANPR Solution for Entry and Exit Points

  • HDV footage with 1080P@60fps for capturing fast moving vehicles or heavy motion.
  • Integrated alarm I/O for boom barriers and/or emergency alarms
  • Built with an IP67 rating, this device is waterproof and dust-proof
  • The heater and the blower keep it running regardless of the weather

Mobile Surveillance for Fuel Tankers

IP/Analog HD Camera


  • Cameras with a resolution of up to 2 MP adapted to shocks and vibrations



  • The casing is shockproof, vibration-proof, and tamper-proof
  • Ch options are available in 4/8/16
  • The option of storing on a hard drive or SD card is available
  • The device has GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G connectivity options
  • Integrated geo-fencing
  • A sensor-integration alarm I/O support

Long range IR bullet cameras and PTZ for Perimeter

  • An integrated perimeter security analytics system.
  • A strobe light or hooter can be integrated into the alarm system if an emergency is needed.
  • The PTZ camera has a 30X optical zoom and is available in 1080P
  • Night vision up to 500 meters
  • PTZ cameras are linked to fixed cameras to provide more details of incidents by zooming in
  • Ensure durability in outdoor environments by supporting IP66/IP67 rating.
  • Stabilizing images with electronic equipment reduces haze

Explosion Proof Cameras for Hazardous Areas

  • Explosion-proof 2MP@60fps IR Network Camera
  • Zoom 30x in optical mode
  • IP68 compatibility
  • Services related to Edge Analytics
  • Support for Smart Codecs
  • The NEMA 4X can be certified to UL60950-1, CAN/CSA C22.2, and No.60950-1

Oil and Gas

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