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Smart Traffic

Along with the expansion of routes, the number of vehicles on the roads has increased over time. In order to improve roadway safety and traffic flow, it is essential to create active systems. These conditions can be addressed through smart traffic solutions. These solutions ensure smooth movement of goods using IoT and artificial intelligence. Using surveillance systems, you can track and analyze vehicles for detailed information about incidents. Providing safety & security for citizens and vehicles through the use of smart traffic solutions is ideal for urban environments.


  • Congestion in the traffic flow
  • Accidents
  • Crowds during peak hours
  • Footpaths are difficult to navigate
  • Problems with parking
  • The inadequacy of transport during off-peak periods


  • Detection of red light violations
  • Enforcement of speed limits
  • Monitoring of traffic in real-time
  • Verification of parking violations
  • Using a radar-based system
  • Control of traffic signals

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Vasp Solution Overview


Traffic junctions

Open parking area

Vasp Solution Overview



  • Safe environment for staff and patients
  • Adherence to best hygiene standards, value-based care,  and best practices
  • Detection of potential offenders and preventing undesired incidents
  • Remote supervision
  • Reduction in malpractices like black marketing of hospital supplies

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