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Industrial Sector

Manufacturing units and warehouses are always filled with expensive resources. Without a robust security and surveillance solution in place these valuable assets are under constant threats of getting stolen, tampering, and mismanaged. Thus, industrial units need the best-in-class security solutions that can prevent any mishap.


  • Preventing unauthorised entry of vehicles and individuals
  • Monitoring staff for efficient management
  • Process monitoring and control for better safety
  • Identifying risky staff behaviour to prevent accidents
  • Raising alarms in real-time in case of security breaches, accidents and mishaps
  • Installing surveillance solutions that are resistant to harsh environments of industries


  • ANPR systems to prevent any unauthorised entry
  • PTZ cameras to monitor perimeters and prevent intrusions
  • Smart analytics powered security products that can identify suspicious behaviour
  • Heat, water and chemical proof monitoring solutions
  • Real-time alarm generation systems

Vasp Solution Overview

Every element at risk of a security breach in industrial units is covered by us

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Our Offerings

HD cameras



Video wall

Video analytics

Door access control


Biometric attendance systems

Our Offerings

Our company specialises in the distribution of the best industrial security solutions to guard against accidents, security breaches, and intrusions.

High resolution camera with ANPR engine for entrance and exit


  • 1080P@60fps high resolution video capture functionality to clearly record footage of moving vehicles
  • Alarm I/O ports to enable boom barrier or emergency alarm integration
  • Water and dust resistant body with IP67 rating
  • Easily customises on the basis of weather conditions using inbuilt heater and blower

Face detection and recognition system for premise gates

  • HD camera with 1080P@60fps functionality to clearly capture objects in motion
  • WDR capabilities to ensure a clear image of the visitors at the entry gates
  • Easy detection of unauthorised and suspicious individuals to prevent their entry
  • Built-in deep learning system to be better understand behavior of people and easily detect suspicious activities

4MP bullet camera with PTZ functionality to secure perimeter areas

  • Inbuilt perimeter protection analysis for safeguarding nearby areas
  • Alarm I/O with strobe light or hooter integration to raise alerts in case of emergencies
  • 1080P with 30X optical zoom capability of PTZ camera that can be linked to fixed camera to get more details of incident
  • Improved vision during night or low light intensities with 500 meter IR range coverage
  • PTZ cameras provided with auto tracking capabilities

Fingerprint access control with EM card for entrance area

  • Easy tracking of employees’ entry and exit time to monitor attendance and productivity
  • Integrated with face recognition, fingerprint readers, password and card combination access functionality to improve security
  • Supports 3G and Wifi interface to communicate with the server in real-time
  • Integrated with cloud reporting system for better insights
  • Inbuilt battery backup capability to prevent disruption of functions in case of power failures

High resolution cameras with WDR/ HLC functionality for production lines

  • 4K cameras that can cover wider areas and allow easy monitoring of staff and the manufacturing or refining process
  • WDR/HLC functionality to ensure images are clear even under lower light intensities

Thermal camera for pipelines

  • Ensures complete visibility even in darkness
  • Heat sensitive alarms to ensure timely intervention during fire outbreaks
  • Higher analytics support for better decision making
  • Wider detection range, upto 4.5 km for people and 13 km for vehicles

Explosion-proof cameras for hazardous areas

  • Upto 2 MP@60fps resolution explosion resistant IR network cameras
  • 30x zoom capability to record clearer visuals
  • Integrated with IP68, Edge Analytics and Smart Codec support

Body worn cameras, dock station and accessories for patrolling teams

  • Videos recorded at 2 MP, images at 32 MP
  • GPS, Wi-Fi integrated
  • Support for 3G/4G
  • Internal storage of up to 128GB
  • Charge the camera to full capacity in four hours
  • A simultaneous backup of 24 devices
  • Wearables, cameras, and more for better tracking and monitoring

MNVR/MDVR with IP/Analog HD cameras for mobile surveillance

  • Vibration and shock-proof cameras with 2MP capability
  • Designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, and tampering
  • Optional 4/8/16 Ch configurations are available
  • The option of storing on a hard drive or SD card is available
  • You can choose from GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G options
  • Support for geofencing
  • A sensor-integration alarm I/O support

System efficiency monitoring

  • Monitor IP cameras and NVRs remotely, as well as HDDs, recordings, and channels
  • Real-time monitoring and playback
  • Email, SMS, pop-ups and other alerts.
  • Monitoring HDD and network health.
  • Combine multiple screens to perform multiple tasks with a video wall
  • Campus map with cameras, showing the campus geographically