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Retail industry has faced and risen to the challenge of rising security breaches due to several high-profile breaches over the last few years.


India’s retail sector has undergone a number of changes over time. As retail outlets are now reaching out to the masses with technology, it has created the need for them to meet their customers’ security requirements on a variety of levels differently.


  • Neither customers nor employees are properly recognized
  • Monitoring the behavior of staff towards customers
  • A primary concern is preventing shoplifting
  • After retail hours, most break-ins occur
  • Optimizing the efficiency of the shop floor.
  • Tracking of purchase invoices
  • Staffing the store at the right time, when it is busiest
  • Promoter-effective offers.
  • Maintaining a close eye on the store’s housekeeping staff to keep it organized and clean


  • Cameras for 24×7 monitoring in high resolution
  • Footfall counts and business trends can be measured using cameras at entrance points
  • Using fisheye cameras, floor areas can be viewed in 360° with one camera
  • Using heatmaps to monitor customer traffic at different stores is important for business analysis
  • Promotion announcement via audio I/O in camera
  • Monitor all transactions at cash counter with high-speed camera
  • Make video more meaningful with POS integration and cash counter cameras
  • Cash counter with panic button in case of emergency
  • Store rooms equipped with low-light cameras

Solution Overview


Solution Overview

Cash Counter

Floor Area

Store Area

Parking Lot

Entrance Gates


Our Offerings

Vasp offers the best surveillance, access management tools, and network video recorders to help banks improve their security and mitigate any risk.

4K Full HD IR Bullet Camera - 50Mtr. For Parking Areas

  • Wide area details can be seen in 4K resolution
  • HLC/WDR adjustments for different lighting conditions
  • The camera’s field of view can be adjusted with motorized zoom
  • Recording at the edge of the network for redundant recordings

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera - 30Mtr. For Entrance Area

  • Recognizing face of each customer, employee, and visitor in 1080P resolution
  • For redundancy of data, edge recording is used.
  • Capture and intelligently playback the faces of customers
  • In typical lighting conditions, use WDR to capture an accurate face

Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card for T&A at Entrance Area

  • Manage the time of all employees within the retail store.
  • Track your employees’ shifts, overtime, holidays, and leave
  • Ensure accurate payroll payments and prevent fraud
  • A centralized location can be used for collecting data

3 MP Full HD WDR IR Vandal Dome Camera - 50Mtr. For Entrance Area

  • Count customers entering your stores and determine optimal staffing levels for peak customer periods. This technique is also useful for business analyses and strategies.
  • The footfall analysis can be performed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

12 MP Ultra HD Vandal Proof IP IR Fish eye camera - 10Mtr. for Floor and Store Area

  • With fish-eye cameras, you can see the entire 360 degrees.
  • With the dewarping mode, you can split the image into multiple windows to get a more detailed image
  • See where people are gathering from a different area at the retail stores using a heat map. Analyzes business as well.
  • Business promotional announcements can be made using audio output.
  • I/O alarms allow you to integrate sensors such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and glass break sensors.

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera - 30Mtr for Cash Counters

  • For recognizing the face of the customer and recording details of the transaction with a resolution of 1080P@50fps
  • A meaningful text overlay for proof of concept
  • For the redundancy of data, edge recording is used
  • I/O of audio for conversation recording and announcements
  • Each visitor’s face is captured for further analysis using Face Detection

64 Ch. H.265 4K Network Video Recorder

  • You may record and play back videos simultaneously with multiple cameras (this is dependent on how many cameras you have).
  • Monitor multiple cameras at once with live monitoring.
  • All analytics logs, along with their related videos, can be stored