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Educational Campus

Due to their vast size and need for customised monitoring, educational campuses can be quite challenging to secure. During this time of teen eve teasing, bullying, ragging, and vandalism, educational institutions need to have smart and effective surveillance solutions for preventing crimes like that.  


  • Providing complete protection to students, faculty, and staff
  • Ensuring that no unauthorised individuals enter the campus
  • Monitoring suspicious and unknown vehicles
  • Keeping an eye on private spaces
  • Be on the lookout for any misbehavior by staff or students
  • Ensuring safe travelling in school buses and other transport systems offered by the educational institution
  • Preventing students from engaging in illegal and dangerous activities like drug use, smoking, and the like
  • Detect and stop criminal behaviors like bullying, teasing, sexual harassment, and ragging


  • Cameras with high resolution for 24 hour monitoring and recording
  • Proper identification and logs of people entering and leaving the campus
  • Providing perimeter protection with intelligent analysis
  • The installation of PTZ cameras in play areas, open areas, and other places which are prone to bullying, eve teasing, and sexual harassment.
  • Emergency/panic buttons installed at vulnerable points to alert authorities in an emergency, leading to prompt action
  • Restricting access to unauthorised individuals
  • Checking for weapons or illegal objects using fool-proof methods


Solution Overview


Parking Lots

Open Spaces

Lobby/HallWay/ Library

Reception Entry and Exit

Main Entrance

On-Route Tracking

Vasp Solution Overview

Every area susceptible to security breaches on an educational campus is covered by our protection

Our Offerings

Vasp Infotech is an authorised dealer of the best-in-class security solutions of world leading brands to ensure educational institutions get the much needed security and surveillance support.

For Main Entrance

IR Bullet Camera For Main Entrance, 2MP Full HD WDR


  • Full HD camera that monitors vehicles and easily recognises license plates
  • Headlight Suppression System to take photos at night in order to capture a clear image of the vehicle
  • Motorised zoom to achieve proper FOV of the camera
  • Real-time updates and data removal via edge storage
4K Full HD IR Bullet Camera for Parking Areas


  • With 4K resolution, you can capture even the smallest details over a wide area
  • Update the parking lot with audio announcements about important information
  • Achieve proper FOV of the camera with motorised zoom
  • Incorporated with panic buttons for emergency alerts

For Parking Areas

For Perimeter Area

2 MP Full HD WDR IP IR Bullet Camera for Perimeter Area


  • Sending immediate notifications to the control room is made easier with Tripwire Analytics
  • Using an automated zoom, you can ensure the camera has the correct field of view
  • The alarm signaling system utilises strobe lights and hooters to give an immediate alert
  • It is possible to synchronize the fixed camera with PTZ camera so that it will automatically focus in on a specific area in case unauthorized activity is detected
2MP 30x WDR Network IR PTZ Dome Camera for Playground


  • Zoom out and move the camera in multiple directions to get more detailed images
  • Use preset, tour, and pattern to patrol large areas

For Playground

For Reception Area

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30m for Reception Area


  • Visitor and staff can easily be identified by their clear images in 1080P resolution
  • Utilise cameras with edge computing to easily manage your data and only store what is essential
  • Record customer conversations or make important announcements using audio I/O
  • Photo-capture of faces of visitors to save for future use
2 MP Ultra HD Vandal Proof IR IP Fisheye Camera for Lobby/ Library


  • Using a fisheye camera, you can track all activities in the lobby in 360 degrees
  • You can easily make a note of essential details by splitting the images into different windows while dewarping

For Lobby/ Library

For Corridors/Private Areas

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30m for Corridors/Private Areas


  • The corridor mode allows you to monitor bigger areas, without having to use multiple cameras
  • Integrated with a panic button for faculty, staff, or students to use in emergency situations
  • Record conversations and make announcements with audio I/O
  • Install microphones in private areas to capture any abnormal activity
Mobile DVR Solution for School Transport


  • Shock, vibration, and tamperproof solution designed specifically for moving vehicles
  • Offers analog HD, IP, and analog camera input for the implementation of different surveillance solutions
  • Storage options include SD card and HDD
  • Streaming in real-time via 3G/4G
  • Support for online tracking of vehicles in Google maps, recording their GPS coordinates, speed detection, and time sync
  • Support for automatic video download over Wi-Fi once the vehicle reaches the depot
  • Compatible with a variety of transportation systems and supports both 8V*36V (for DVRs) and 6V*36V (MNVRs)
  • Built-in G sensor to measure driving quality
  • Sensor integration for fuel level, dock lock check and similar monitoring functions
  • Additional support for IP cameras of up to 4 channels in hybrid MDVR

For School Vans

For Control Room

64 Ch.H.265 4K Network Video Recorder for Control Room


  • Record and playback simultaneously with multiple cameras
  • Monitor activities using cameras in real-time
  • Analyse all data with their associated videos and store the alarm logs

Solution Components


  • HD and IP technology support
  • HD resolution of up to 2 MP
  • Security options include domes, vagrant domes, and bullets
  • Fixed focal length with multiple options such as 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, and 8mm to get the required field of view
  • Improved night vision with smart IR
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating to remain intact in all types of weather

Network Mobile Positioning System

  • PTZ camera with 2MP resolution captures detailed images that serve as evidence
  • Zoom in on distant activities up to 30x optically
  • Clearer pictures in low light situations with WDR support
  • Identify suspicious activities using auto tracking
  • IR range of up to 150m