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Health Care

To guarantee quality healthcare and public safety, healthcare centres need real-time security and safety. Healthcare facility centers can be transformed into safer hubs with the use of technology-led surveillance solutions.


  • Restriction of accessibility in private areas
  • Securing medical records and hospital resources to eliminate the possibility of tampering, theft, and misuse.
  • Identifying suspicious behavior early by monitoring the activities of employees and visitors.
  • Tracking foot traffic
  • Keeping an eye on everyday activities in order to minimise risks


  • Ensure robust monitoring of property, staff, and supplies with Ultra HD IP surveillance cameras
  • CCTV cameras equipped with motion detectors to prevent unauthorised entry into areas like baby care wards, where abduction is a serious threat, and storage rooms, where supplies are stored
  • Using IoT and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cameras with machine learning (ML) capabilities, footfall counting, remote monitoring, facial recognition, and real-time alarm generation can be enabled

Vasp Solution Overview

Each area of healthcare units that may be exposed to a security breach is covered by us

HD cameras



Video wall

Video analytics

Door access control


Biometric attendance systems

Our Offerings

VASP is the leader in the distribution of a comprehensive range of advanced security and
surveillance solutions used by the healthcare industry.

  • HD cameras for security systems that ensure that the quality of video output can be used for both preventative and evidence purposes
  • DVR/NVR for recording data wirelessly over a network from IP cameras
  • A NAS for storing and retrieving data remotely for network users
  • Video wall to offer far more brightness and better contrast ratios than a front projector for environments with windows or overhead lighting
  • Video analytics can be used by hospital staff members to monitor their department from another building, and managers can identify employees who divert drugs to use for personal use.
  • Door access control that can help prevent the spread of diseases, track and prevent the theft of essential healthcare equipment and drugs, and protect patients as well as staff
  • Alarms to get constant protection round-the-​clock against burglars or emergency cases
  • Biometric attendance systems that can provide both the safety you need and easy access to your employees, helping your operations run smoothly