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Law Enforcement

Within a city/state, the police are responsible for maintaining law and order. Maintaining traffic laws, catching violators, and enforcing laws can prove challenging when you manage a crowd. Each of these cases relies heavily on surveillance. Among the most reliable forms of evidence are videos, and surveillance is used as a tool to collect them. Providing police forces with tailored surveillance solutions makes them more able to detect, prevent/address events and emergencies with greater spontaneity.


  • Observing and recording public interactions
  • Identifying the perpetrator of an offense
  • Achieving accountability on the part of officers and citizens
  • To collect tamper-proof video evidence from crime scenes
  • Creating a deterrent mentality
  • While in live action, instructing quick reaction teams
  • Laws that are being violated


  • Use an ANPR system to capture the license plate and ensure compliance with traffic rules.
  • Analytics-enabled cameras offering features such as trip wire, motion detection, face detection, loitering detection, and more.
  • PTZ cameras are excellent for viewing open areas due to their unique ability to pan, tilt, and zoom in, allowing a better view of selected sections of the field of view.
  • Wearable surveillance can be utilised by law enforcers for collecting evidence
  • Monitor site feeds with a mobile DVR or NVR

Our Offerings

For Traffic Junctions

Wearable HD Camera with 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS


  • Video recording in 1080P colour to capture incidents
  • With a 128GB variant, the device has 32GB of internal storage
  • A 32MP snapshot for capturing more detailed images
  • Integrated GPS module tracks the location of the camera in real time
  • Connectivity through 4G and WiFi for seamless transmission of video feeds to the server
  • Rugged, weather-proof design with IP65 rating
  • An inbuilt high-quality microphone allows you to record audio
  • Extra security layer provided by CryptoGuard
  • A high-quality IR camera that can reach 10 meters in the dark can be used to record videos
  • Control center can be notified by pressing the SOS button
  • We have a panic button that can be pushed to talk
  • Recordings can be positioned correctly with the laser light
  • Supports recording with one touch

Charging and Backup Station for Mobile Devices


  • Easy to use plug-and-play function
  • A data backup that supports up to 22 channels at the same time
  • Downloads data to your terminal automatically upon connection, including pictures, videos, and audio files
  • Using the number assigned by law enforcement, automatically store the corresponding database
  • All cameras can be charged completely in four hours
  • Working designs are maintained 24×7
  • Data backups and access to the terminal are restricted to authorised personnel
  • There are four rotating wheels, making moving, installing, and storing it very easy

Device Accessories

Remote controlled watch


  • The camera can be turned on/off with a dedicated key
  • Dedicated key for starting and stopping video recording
  • Dedicated key for taking snapshots
  • Operable from a distance of 5 meters

External camera


  • Video recording in color with a 2MP full HD camera
  • High-quality night vision video recording with IR up to 10 meters
  • Helmets and collars can be mounted easily and are light in weight
  • Weather resistant with an IP65 rating

Traffic Picture Capture Camera with 2 MP, 3MP and 6.8MP resolution


  • Time, place, number and direction of lanes (up to three lanes) are all included in the picture information
  • Details of a plate (registration number)
  • Information about the vehicle (the type of vehicle and its speed)
  • Identify the breach event and its code
  • Watermarked video/image
  • Heating and lighting built-in
  • Easily installable
  • Component design for embedded systems

ANPR Camera with 2 Megapixel Full HD WDR


  • Equipped with Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Allows you to cut out plates, make overviews, take pictures, and record videos
  • With the white list database, the barrier can be controlled
  • Several lenses are available to meet different ANPR distance requirements
  • Wide range of working temperatures
  • A superior outdoor performance rating of IP67 and IK10
  • A microSD card with a maximum storage capacity of 64GB can be plugged into a PC for instant recording
  • Detection of vehicles traveling at low speed (*60K/H) such as in parking lots, entry and exit points, and more

2.3MP Traffic Flow Analytics Camera for Red Light Violation


  • Integration of embedded components
  • The embedded algorithms include traffic analysis; vehicle type; traffic data collection, etc
  • Provides lane-by-lane traffic data counting for up to four lanes
  • Measures traffic data with a range of 80m
  • At speeds of 80km/h, detection accuracy is over 99%
  • Provides support for multiple signals, data, and communication interfaces

For Highways

System for Enforcing Speed Violations using RADAR


  • To ensure accuracy and stability, an embedded system structure is used with an industrial PC, radar, and camera
  • Mobilization and fixed installation capabilities
  • Provides enhanced picture reproduction on an 8 megapixel CCD image sensor
  • Supports 500GB HDD storage that can save multiple pictures and violations
  • Differentiates lanes, detects multiple objects; measures distances and speeds
  • The license plate recognition feature (LPR) is supported
  • Wireless transmission over 3G and 4G
  • Syncs time with GPS and NTP protocol for mapping

For Control Room

  • One screen can show up to 100 live cameras.
  • All cameras can receive emergency messages simultaneously via audio broadcast.
  • The option to create an alarm is available for GPS loss, communication break, geo fencing, and emergency button alert from the camera.
  • You can download and play back recordings of your camera remotely using the playback and download feature.
  • GPS tracking is supported for live and recorded post-processing

Solution Components


  • Supports IP and Analog HD technology
  • Provides upto 2MP HD resolution
  • Available in Dome, Vandal dome and Bullet security
  • Fixed focal length with multiple options like 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, and 8mm  to get the required FoV
  • Smart IR for better night vision
  • IP66 weatherproof rating to stay undamaged under all weather conditions

Network Mobile Positioning System

  • Upto 2MP PTZ camera to capture detailed images that can serve as an evidence
  • Upto 30x optical zoom to record distant activities
  • WDR support to get clearer images under low light intensities
  • Auto tracking Support for identifying suspicious activities
  • Upto 150m  wide IR range