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CCTV systems record video on surveillance drives as part of their 24/7 security monitoring. In most cases, they utilize a network video recorder (NVR). In contrast with PCs, these drives have to write data all the time — specifically, video data.


We deal in the products of the following brands:

We are a leading provider of the best-class storage devices of these brands in sizes 1 TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB and 10 TBs, that are delivered, installed and commissioned by us, maintaining high-quality standards to cater to the specific requirements of our valued clients. Contact us to

Seagate enables storage of more data and harnesses its potential using cloud storage services, systems, hard drives, and more. They have been delivering the next-age solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of data storage infrastructure.

Toshiba is one of the leading producers of data storage devices using its expertise in end-to-end data storage systems. They have been developing, delivering and manufacturing advanced storage solutions for 5 decades now.