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With 1.1 billion people depending on transportation in India, this sector is both large and diverse. Connectivity between urban and rural areas plays a crucial role in economic development. In India’s growing economy, the demand for infrastructure and services have increased dramatically since the early 1990s. Transport links in India include ports, highway networks, railways, and airports. While this will benefit commerce in the future, industries must also ensure that transportation networks and systems are protected and safeguarded.


  • Public transportation is a popular target for pickpockets
  • Drivers violate traffic laws without being monitored
  • Vans, VIPs, and bank cash are susceptible to attacks
  • Shipment/cargo are not monitored, resulting in damaged goods
  • Incompatibility with variable voltages
  • In a vehicle, vibration and shock can impact the device’s hardware components.
  • A Bonafide Account of the Crime Game
  • Vehicle vandalism


  • Vehicles, ships, cargo, and other transportation environments could use HD cameras to improve safety
  • Reducing costs for vandalism and graffiti through sensor integration with MDVR
  • Tracking cargo and property using live monitoring and GPS
  • Reduced incident response time through two-way communication
  • With GPS, video evidence can be tagged with current location, allowing incident response to be decided in less time.
  • Using 3G/4G to monitor and report in real time to the control room.
  • Video recordings can be auto-downloaded via Wi-Fi and connected to emergency control rooms
  • Device can be equipped with an OBD sensor to check the device’s health status
  • A compliance standard for shocks and vibrations to protect devices from vibrations and shocks according to EN 61373


Solution Overview


Customer and Visitor Area



Control Room

Bank Entrance

Cash Counter

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Solution Components (Management Server)

  • Displays detailed vehicle, GPS, alarm, and log information
  • Ensures that alarm vehicles are automatically locked
  • Control of MDVRs via remote control and PTZs is supported
  • Recordings can be made remotely
  • Video files can be downloaded and played back
  • Management of vehicles
  • Playback of GPS routes and database support
  • Reports can be exported, and users can manage multiple levels.
  • Access to WEB clients is supported, as is mobile access via iOS and Android


  • A high-definition camera supported by IP and analog technologies
  • Up to 2MP high definition options
  • Comes in three different styles: Dome, Vandal Dome, and Bullet
  • Various focal length options such as 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm & 8mm to meet the solution requirements in order to achieve the required FoV
  • Improved night vision with smart IR
  • The IP66 rating is designed to withstand different types of weather
  • A single platform can support 10,000 devices
  • It is possible to view, replay, manage, backup, etc. remotely
  • Device tracking on Google map
  • Geofencing can be used to alert you to any changes in route
  • Using an alarm system, you can get an alert immediately.

Network Mobile Positioning System

  • Upto 2MP PTZ camera to provide more detailed image for an evidence
  • Upto 30x optical zoom to record evidence from long distance
  • WDR support to get clear image in different tough light conditions
  • Auto Tracking Support for suspicious objects
  • Upto 150mtr. long IR range.


  • Shockproof, vibration proof, and tamper proof solution for vehicles in motion.
  • Provides a complete surveillance solution with input for Analog HD, IP, Analog, and Wireless cameras
  • Storage options include SD cards and HDDs
  • Remote viewing with 3G and 4G support
  • Provides tracking and recording of GPS coordinates of vehicles on a Google map, as well as speed detection and time synchronization
  • Once the vehicle reaches the depot, the video recording can be automatically downloaded via Wi-Fi.
  • Supports 8V*36V (for DVRs) & 6V*36V (MNVRs), so it is compatible with all kinds of transportation systems
  • Built-in G sensor to measure driving quality
  • Integration of sensors such as fuel sensors, door contacts, etc. to design the perfect transport solution.
  • Hybrid MDVR supports up to 4 additional IP cameras

System Architecture