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The Indian banking industry has evolved over the past few decades. With technology now available to everyone, the need for greater accessibility has increased, as transactions are conducted over the Internet and through mobile devices. Banks are now confronted with the challenging task of meeting customers’ needs for security on a variety of levels differently.


  • Inability to find high-resolution footage
  • Insufficient security
  • Keeping an eye on on-premises activities
  • Being notified of security breaches in real-time
  • Handling customer inflows


  • Cameras with high resolution that allow authorities to capture even the tiniest details and quickly identify the offender
  • Light-sensitive CCTV systems that can capture suspicious activity even at night
  • Security cameras that leverage digitalisation to provide real-time updates and prevent breaches
  • 24×7 functional surveillance cameras supported by technology
  • Automated access management for preventing unauthorised access


Solution Overview


Customer and Visitor Area



Control Room

Bank Entrance

Cash Counter

Vasp Solution Overview

We cover every area at risk of a security breach

Our Offerings

Vasp deals in the best surveillance, access management tools, and network video recorders to help banks improve their security and mitigate any risk by providing them with robust security solutions from reliable and leading brands.

ATM Surveillance Solutions

  • A simple, yet secure way to access ATMs
  • Improved authentication of customer claims
  • An easy face recognition system that uses high quality  CCTV surveillance footage
  • A better surveillance system outside ATMs
  • Limit access to only authorized individuals
  • Real-time identification of offenders
  • Ensure repeat offenders are alerted when they try to transact

Entrance Area

Bank Surveillance Solutions

Fingerprint Access Management for T&A at Entrance Area


  • Manage the working hours of all bank employees
  • Record shift hours, overtime, holidays, and vacations for the employees
  • Ensure accurate and safe payroll payments
  • Gather and store all data in a central repository

Full HD IR Dome Camera for Entrance Area – 3 MP

  • Identify peak hours in the bank’s traffic, determine the ideal staffing levels for these periods, and prepare strategies around them
  • Analyse regular footfall patterns to draft effective working models


Vandal Resistant 12 MP Ultra HD IR Fisheye Cameras


  • Track activity in the lobby by getting a 360-degree view
  • Split images into various windows for easy access to essential details
  • Using heat maps, monitor and manage the crowd inflow so that it is evenly distributed and learn where more workers are needed
  • Inform the customers about any changes in service or offers for them to stay up to date
  • Utilise alarm systems designed to detect fires, intruders, glass breaks, and more

Reception Area

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera for Reception Area
  • Make use of clear images and a 1080P resolution at 50fps to easily identify visitors and staff
  • Take full advantage of edge computing cameras and manage your data with ease
  • Record customer conversations or make important announcements
  • For future reference, take clear images of the visitors’ faces

Store Area

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera for Store Area
  • Recognise faces of staff and visitors in 1080P resolution
  • 265 provides data redundancy
  • Capture the faces of each customer in order to get intelligent playback
  • Use WDR to capture proper facial expressions under typical lighting conditions

Network Video Recorder

64 Ch. H.265 4K Network Video Recorder

  • Using multiple cameras, record and playback recordings of activities
  • Get real-time video footage of the activities
  • Analyze all data with their associated videos and store the alarm logs